Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's March Madness at the Brownie Pound

This Brownie has been Adopted,
check back often for the next
drawing to be given away!

I'm working on some ideas for a Brownie
character, so there are some homeless
Brownie's running around here...
I can't keep them all, as the little
buggers would eat me out of house
and home. If you have room in your heart
(and Brownie food in your house)
E-Mail me with your name and
shipping address:
for a chance to adopt a little person
of your very own.


Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

This one is so sweet!
Is he old enough to go play outside alone?

LDahl said...

Oh yes 101, he'll look after himself just fine... it's the neighborhood you should worry about!

Toni said...

Oh my goodness I almost missed all this. I sure hope I can get my sticky little fingers on a brownie.

Is this going to be a blog of art for sale? ;) As soon as I am done with my sons wedding invites I hope to get mine running.

LDahl said...

Hi Toni, You're not too late to get a Brownie! I'm working on these as an exercise using some of the new brushes, colors, pencils and materials I bought several months ago. I am taking some time just to try different methods out to see how everything handles... and as I'm playing, I thought it would be fun to find new homes for 'em instead of just tossing them out the door to live on the streets:)))
Email me your address(so I get everything spelled right) and I'll put you on the list...I would love for you to have a Brownie!

This will eventually be a blog of art for sale...I have been so lax:)

If you do get one running, I hope you have some pieces with your little birds(I've always loved them!)

Cream said...

Can't wait for the next one!

LDahl said...

Hey Cream! If you want one, email me your address... (I'm almost scared to try and send you something:))) after last time.
I don't know how any of these are going to turn out... so it's rather a bit of pot luck!! Wait awhile and you might get a better one, or you might get theUgly Brownie from Hell ! (That would be the burnt Brownie:)))

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Love the color!